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How to install SQL Server 2019 Express from Intune

There are 3 steps you need to do Step 1: Prepare the installation files Follow the instructions from https://silentinstallhq.com/microsoft-sql-server-2019-express-install-and-uninstall-powershell/ Make sure you have extracted the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit with the Deploy-SQLExpress2019.ps1 script and SQL Server Express 2019 files that includes the ConfigurationFile.ini (for the NonInteractive installation). Below is the folder structure: Step 2: Intunewin … Continue reading

SQL Management Studio 2018 not launching after the splash screen

My LAB server is consist of Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 and it’s components plus SQL Server is also installed in the same server. Problem: After installing SSMS the next time I launch it, it will just show the splash screen and will not launch. Repairing it from the Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features doesn’t solve the problem. Solution: Copy … Continue reading