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Deploy Windows 8 with MDT 2012: Create New Task Sequence and Boot Image

continued from my previous post Creating a New Task Sequence in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 Beta – In the Deployment Workbench, browse the left pane, right-click Task Sequences and select New Task Sequence. The New Task Sequence Wizard will launch and will ask for the following information to be added in the General Settings: Task sequence ID – Enter a unique ID. … Continue reading

Deploy Windows 8 with MDT 2012: Create Deployment Share & Impost OS

Those who have been using MDT 2010 Update 1 will find that the process of creating a new deployment share and importing an operating system in MDT 2012 is just the same as its predecessor. And for those who are just starting or planning to Deploy Windows 8 or Windows 7/Vista with MDT 2012 here’s how … Continue reading

Installing WAIK & MDT 2012 Beta in Windows 8 Server

Installing Windows Automated Installation Kit in Windows 8 Server Developer Preview As mentioned in my previous post, .NET 3.5.1 is required before installing Windows AIK in Windows 8 Server. In the VM insert the WAIK ISO file and launch the installer. Read the License Terms and select I Agree and click Next to continue. Select … Continue reading

Windows 8 Server: Adding Roles

Here’s how to add roles in Windows 8 Server Developer Preview There are several methods to add roles from the Server Manager. In this scenario: right-click a server where you will install a certain role under All Servers then select Add Roles and Features. The Add Roles and Features Wizard will prompt, click the Next button. In the Select … Continue reading

Windows 8 Server Installation Screen Caps

Windows Server 8 Developer Preview Installation Screen Caps Metro Style is also there in Windows 8 Server, but if you wish to turn it off here’s how to do it: http://deploymentbunny.com/2011/09/18/windows-8-developer-server-preview-switch-to-classic-start-menu/ 

How To Install Windows 8 From USB drive

Installing Windows OS through USB drives has been possible since Windows Vista and Windows 7, so if you still have your bootable USB with you: In the USB drive create a New folder and move all the installation files of the previous OS in that folder. Extract the ISO file of the WindowsDeveloperPreview and copy that … Continue reading

Deploying Windows 8 Developer Preview with WDS

Here’s how an attended installation of Windows Developer Preview via Windows Deployment Services looks like (too excited and opted not to create an answer file) I have setup one of my member server’s WDS Role (link here: on how to setup a WDS role) and added the Install.wim file of Windows 8 Developer Preview. Here are … Continue reading

Home Server: Installing a Wireless USB Adapter

I recently got a Dell PowerEdge T110 II for my test lab. Normally, when setting up a server environment, one has to have physical network connection for internet connectivity which is required for installing the latest system and security updates for the operating system. Since we are using wireless internet connectivity in our flat: mostly … Continue reading

New Tech Blog!

Welcome to my new tech blog, which will be focusing more on Windows Imaging and Deployment and other technical stuffs. I’ll be moving away from my previous blogs http://technetphilippines.net/ blogs/jeo and http://msforums.ph/blogs/jayr/. Above’s image is my new server and I’ll be working on this machine for my future blog posts.