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Home Server: Installing a Wireless USB Adapter

I recently got a Dell PowerEdge T110 II for my test lab. Normally, when setting up a server environment, one has to have physical network connection for internet connectivity which is required for installing the latest system and security updates for the operating system. Since we are using wireless internet connectivity in our flat: mostly for our notebooks and mobile devices, I decided to save myself from the hassle on laying out a wired connection from the router to my room network, so I bought a D-Link Wireless N 150 USB Adapter. It’s a very handy device to have with.

The Dell PE T110 II has two internal USB connections and to secure the wireless USB adapter, I connected it to one of the internal USB slots. It works perfectly with Windows Server 2008 R2 after installing the software driver. Now the server serves as a gateway for several of my Virtual Machines.

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2 thoughts on “Home Server: Installing a Wireless USB Adapter

  1. Can I use D link USB on a windows vistas hp and how? Can I upgrade to windows 8 and how

    Posted by Debbie | March 14, 2014, 9:54 pm

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