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How To Install Windows 8 From USB drive

Installing Windows OS through USB drives has been possible since Windows Vista and Windows 7, so if you still have your bootable USB with you:

  • In the USB drive create a New folder and move all the installation files of the previous OS in that folder.
  • Extract the ISO file of the WindowsDeveloperPreview and copy that files in the root of the USB drive.

In the image above shows the copied Windows 8 files in my bootable thumb drive and the Other Files folder is where I moved the Windows 7 installation files.

If you do not have a bootable USB drive yet, you need download and install the Windows 7 USB /DVD download tool to create a Windows 8 bootable USB drive, once installed:

  • Launch the Windows USB/DVD download tool application
  • Browse for the Windows 8 ISO file
  • Select a media type click on USB device
  • Insert a USB drive then click Begin copying
  • Creation of a bootable USB device will proceed

Windows 8 Installation

  • Plug in the USB drive into the computer you want to install Windows 8 on.
  • Turn the computer and boot it from the USB drive (make sure that the BIOS has been setup to allow the computer to boot from a USB drive).
  • Installation of Windows 8 will begin



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