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Windows Autopilot: Something went wrong


When you are working on a Windows Autopilot project for one of your customers, at some point in time you will encounter this error.

Something went wrong:
Looks like we can’t connect to the URL for your organization’s MDM terms of use. Try again or contact your system administrator with problem information from this page.

Additional problem information:
Error: invalid_client
Error subcode:
Description: failed%20to%20authenticate%20user

Resolution: Check the license

To save you time and effort on googling, troubleshooting and even calling Microsoft Support, the first thing you want to check are the licenses.

Some times these are the things that are overlooked, go and double check your client’s licenses, it wouldn’t hurt to run this through with them again.

You can either check in the Azure Portal or Admin Center > Licenses blade:

Microsoft Azure | Licenses
Microsoft 365 admin center | Licenses

You’ll need to look for at least once of the following licenses below:

Note: Review the Windows Autopilot licensing requirements

Verify that the allocated account for enrolling device to Intune has sufficient license(s), as this type thing happens, in some cases, you’ll learned that the Microsoft 365 E3 license that was assign to you has expired.

When you have insufficient rights you’ll either request for an access or need to work with a person with rights to view licenses.

If you encounter this issue, inform you project manager or client right away to avoid delays with your project delivery, as there’s no technical workaround or solution for this but to buy a license.

Getting Support

If you feel that you need to the open a case with Microsoft support on this you can do the following:

  1. At MEM Admin Center to go the Troubleshooting + support blade
  2. Click Help and support
  3. Choose Intune
  4. Click the Head Phone icon, I recommend that you choose support via phone, fill up the details needed and submit, they get back to you within an hour.


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