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Windows Server Technical Preview: Set Network Configuration and Rename Computer

I am setting up a new Windows Server Technical Preview that I will name VMM01 and later will be added to a domain, so in that server I launched PowerShell to set a static IP Address and rename the server. Here are the steps:

IP Configuration

  • Type Get-NetIPConfiguration to get the information needed like, InterfaceAlias, InterfaceIndex and InterfaceDescription for setting up the new configuration.


PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-NetIPConfiguration

InterfaceAlias : Ethernet
InterfaceIndex : 3
InterfaceDescription : Microsoft Hyper-V Network Adapter
NetProfile.Name : Network
IPv4Address : <IP Address>
IPv6DefaultGateway :
IPv4DefaultGateway : <Gateway IP Address>
DNSServer : <DNS IP Address>

Next input the following command.

New-NetIPAddress -InterfaceIndex 3 -IPAddress <IP Address> -AddressFamily IPv4 -DefaultGateway <Gateway IP Address> -PrefixLength 24

Now set the DNS Server, type:

Set-DnsClientServerAddress “Ethernet” -ServerAddresses <DNS IP Address>

Rename Computer

Back in PowerShell type:

Rename-Computer -NewName <ComputerName>


Then restart your computer, after the restart, you can now add the server to a domain, see Windows Server Technical Preview: Join to a Domain with PowerShell.


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